Frequently Asked Questions

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Who holds the funds?

Uniswap contracts hold the DSLA and ETH associated with the UNI-V2 LP tokens. The DSLA Community Faucet smart contracts hold the staked UNI-V2 tokens, and the DSLA tokens for distribution. Anybody is free to stake and unstake anytime, and our team has no access to funds.

How is my pool share calculated?

The more and the longer you stake (relative to others), the greater share of the faucet pool you receive.

For the sake of understanding how this works, let's say that you and your friend are the two users staking in the faucet right now. You stake 25 tokens for 7 days, and your friend stakes 20 tokens * 10 days.

First we need to calculate the total staking time:

(your_token_stake * your_staking_time) + (friend_token_stake * staking_time)

(25 * 7) + (20 * 10) = 375

Now we can calculate your pool share:

100 * (your_token_stake * your_staking_time) / total_staking_time

100 * (25 * 7) / 375 = 46.66%

In this scenario, you would get about 46.66% of the DSLA tokens in the pool.

How does the Bonus Multiplier works?

  • If you stake for a month, you get 2𝙭 the rewards

  • If you stake for two months, you get 3𝙭 the rewards

Try to keep stakes for at least 8 weeks to maximize rewards.

Note that if you stake multiple time, each individual stake will have its own bonus.