Faucet Motivation

💡 Why the DSLA Community Faucet?


The DSLA Community Faucet helps distribute tokens in the DSLA Community Reserve, in a self-served and predictable way.

In the early stages of the project, the purpose of the DSLA Community Reserve was to reward bounty hunters for their contribution to our awareness marketing campaigns.

While a bounty program were a great way to bootstrap a community at the time, it was hard to grant rewards that would accurately represent the value of bounty contributions, and managing campaigns was very costly, due to the sheer number of interactions with hunters.

There is no guesswork and no operating overhead with the DSLA Community Faucet.


One of the main purposes of the DSLA Community Reserve is to increase the number of DSLA holders by providing liquidity ourselves on DSLA markets.

The DSLA Community Faucet enables other liquidity providers to join our liquidity efforts autonomously, and get fairly rewarded for improving the trading experience of the entire DSLA community.