Faucet Security

⚠️ Please read before staking.

The DSLA Community Faucet, is an open source, community-maintained effort to improve the distribution and liquidity of DSLA. It has been developed by one of the DSLA Resident Developers, through the pilot of the upcoming DSLA Residency Program.

The DSLA Core Team was not involved in the creation of the DSLA Community Faucet, and will not participate in liquidity mining activities.

While we took steps to ensure that what the DSLA Resident Developer has shipped works as intended, please do proper research on liquidity mining and exercise caution when using the Community Faucet.

This recommendation applies whether you are interacting through the DSLA.finance Ðapp, through another Ðapp, or directly with the DSLA Community Faucet smart contracts.

Stacktical, Core Developers of DSLA Protocol and the DSLA.network Ðapp, cannot be held responsible for the community faucet. Our only role is limited to:

  • parking the DSLA.finance domain;

  • hosting the DSLA.finance Ðapp;

  • adding DSLA tokens from the Community Reserve to the faucet pool.

Please use the DSLA Community Faucet responsibility, with proper understanding of the risks.

Security Audit

The DSLA Community Faucet is powered by a new deployment of the open source, Solidity smart contract of Ampleforth’s Geyser, fully audited by the CertiK blockchain security company in this report.

As such, the faucet should provide the same level of security than Ampleforth's own Geyser.

Faucet Smart Contracts

The DSLA Community Faucet Solidity smart contract is deployed at this address, while Ampleforth’s Geyser Solidity smart contract can found here.

Comparing the two contracts with a difference checking tool will enable you to assess with certainty that both the DSLA Community Faucet and Ampleforth's Geyser smart contracts are the same.

Faucet User Interface

The DSLA.finance Ðapp, connected to our DSLA Community Faucet smart contracts, has been reverse-engineered from Ampleforth’s Geyser own Ðapp.

For the first release of the DSLA Community Faucet, our DSLA Resident Developer chose to rely on an existing user interface, which are in the public domain by nature, rather that developing an original user interface from scratch.

We are still studying the possibility of releasing such interface in the near future.

The source code of DSLA.finance Ðapp is available on Github.