💸 Beta Incentives

What's in it for you?

The DSLA Incentivized Beta is an opportunity to earn DSLA tokens, in exchange for testing the next release of the DSLA.network Ðapp and the DSLA Protocol smart contracts.

To empower the beta, a new ERC-20 token called bDSLA will be issued on the Ethereum test network (Ropsten). Just like their real DSLA counterpart, bDSLA tokens will be used to make guarantee deposits, to purchase guarantees, and to settle DSLA Reward and DSLA Compensation claims.

When DSLA.network and DSLA Protocol launch on the mainnet this year, eligible bDSLA token holders will then be able to convert their bDSLA rewards and compensation into real DSLA tokens.

The Argent wallet is one of the easiest and most secure ways to store your DSLA holdings.

How to claim bDSLA tokens for the beta?

Whether you plan on providing DSLA guarantees as a Proof-of-Stake Validator, or purchasing DSLA guarantees as a Delegator, you will need bDSLA tokens to use the DSLA.network Ðapp.

The amount of testnet bDSLA tokens you will be able to claim at beta launch is the amount of mainnet DSLA tokens you hold at the time, on a 1:1 basis.

e.g. If you hold 10,000 DSLA, you will be able to claim 10,000 bDSLA once, for the beta.

Special conditions may apply to different types of users, please check out the Claim bDSLA tokens section of this guide for more information.