🀲 Onboarding as a User

Members of the DSLA Community, known as DSLA Champions!

Starting October 8, 2020, mainnet DSLA holders can claim testnet bDSLA tokens, directly from the Bonfire, the community space of the DSLA.network Ðapp.

Throughout the DSLA incentivized beta test, Wilhem and Jean-Daniel will answer your onboarding questions on the project’s official Telegram group. Make sure you join the conversation, while making a conscious effort to stay on topic.

πŸ”‘ Eligibility

If you're one of our Partner's Delegators

To be eligible for the DSLA incentivized beta test, you must:

  • Be delegating to one of our official partners before October 8, 2020

  • Be one of the top 40 delegators to one of our official partners

If you're delegating elsewhere, or not delegating at all

To be eligible for the DSLA incentivized beta test, you must:

  • Be holding more than 25K DSLA tokens in your wallet

  • Be holding mainnet DSLA tokens before October 8, 2020

The cryptocurrency wallet holding DSLA tokens should also be compatible with the DSLA.network Ðapp. Since we recommend testing the Ðapp using a desktop web browser, the best wallet to participate to the DSLA incentivized beta test is the MetaMask browser extension.

πŸ¦„ If you're contributing to the DSLA Community Faucet

If you down hold DSLA tokens in your wallet, because you're participating to the DSLA Liquidity Mining program, you are still eligible to the beta. Instead of (just) the tokens you're holding, we're also accounting for an estimate of your DSLA tokens you have added to our Uniswap liquidity pool.

✍️ Application Form

All beta participants are required to fill in this form to validate their participation.