✍️ Create DSLA Contracts

DSLA Contracts are peer-to-peer service level agreements that define a Quality of Service objective, and the rules that should apply whether the agreement is honoured, or breached.

To create a DSLA Contract, go to https://dsla.network/agreements/create or click the NEW AGREEMENT button in the top-right of the DSLA Contract Marketplace at https://dsla.network/agreements.

Step 1 - Connect your MetaMask wallet to interact with the view.

Step 2 - Select a network.

Step 3 - Go through the contract creation wizard

In the DSLA Contract creation wizard, you will setup all aspects of your service level agreement:

  • Validator: What Proof-of-Stake Validator should the DSLA Protocol monitor as per this contract;

  • Quality of Service: The expected reliability threshold to be met, and how often it should be met;

  • Compensation Policy: The contract staking requirements and level of hedge available for Delegators.

Et voilà! 🎉

The last, Deployment step lets you roll out your Decentralized Service Level Agreement (DSLA) to the Ethereum blockchain. Now you need to stake bDSLA tokens to earn rewards for protecting Delegators.