🌱 Stake bDSLA Tokens

When a DSLA Contract is created, it's added to the DSLA Contract Marketplace at https://dsla.network/agreements.

After clicking on the DSLA Contract of your choice, you're able to stake bDSLA Tokens to either add liquidity to the pool if you own the contract, or hedge against Staking Efficiency drops.

If you are the Validator specified in the contract, or if you are simply vouching for another Validator, staking bDSLA tokens to your own contract will enable you to start collecting the stakes from Delegators.

Let's say we're acting as a Delegator seeking a hedge against bad staking yields.

Below, we've selected a 90% ONE Staking Efficiency contract from the Marketplace:

  • It is bound to the performance of P-OPS, a leading Harmony (ONE) Validator that I delegate to;

  • It is executed weekly; After which I will be able to claim a compensation for possible efficiency drops;

  • Currently, there are up to 5M bDSLA tokens available to compensate me for efficiency drops.

It also looks like I am the first Delegator to stake to this contract. Great.

Step 1 - Authorize your stake

Here I plan on staking 100,000.00 bDSLA tokens to this DSLA Contract.

Before submitting my stake, I need to authorize the agreement to spend 100,000.00 bDSLA tokens on my behalf. Click AUTHORIZE to do just that.

After the transaction is complete, I should now be able to proceed with my 100,000.00 bDSLA stake.

Step 2 - Submit your stake

100,000.00 bDSLA tokens can now be staked to the DSLA Contract. The input field has been pre-filled with 100000, I can simply click on STAKE NOW to submit my stake.

Et voilà! 🎉

I am now hedging against a 10% Staking Efficiency Drop of the P-OPS Harmony Validator.

☔️ As per this agreement, every week, in case of breach, I will be entitled to a compensation matching 100% of my bDSLA stake.